Trab-X SB™

Beta-Tricalcium Phosphate Granules

More Natural Healing and Remodeling of Bone Defects

Successful repair and remodeling of bone defects requires three things: cells, growth factor proteins and an appropriate scaffold. The patient can supply the first two — but only the surgeon can supply the right scaffolding.

Trab-X SB bone graft substitute is made of Beta-tricalcium phosphate (Beta-TCP), an osteoconductive material that allows bone growth directly on the surface — no intervening fibrous tissue layer needed. Beta-TCP rapidly recrystallizes to form biological carbonated apatite, which is virtually identical to bone mineral and a very favorable surface for bone growth. Finally, individual particles of Trab-X SB matrix combine optimally sized macro-pores with extensive micro-porosity to support osteoblast and other cellular activity and infiltration, transfer of nutrients, and eventual replacement of the matrix with actual bone. Bottom line: Trab-X SB synthetic bone matrix speeds up natural healing and remodeling of bone defects.

Instructions for Use:

Trab-X SB is a synthetic bone graft substitute in particulate form composed of Beta-tricalcium phosphate (Beta-TCP). The particulate is micro porous and macro porous. Trab-X SB Synthetic Bone Matrix is osteoconductive. The biocompatibility of Beta-tricalcium phosphate is well established. Beta-tricalcium phosphate is gradually resorbed and replaced by vital bone during bone remodeling.

  • Remove the outer package Tyvek lid and drop primary package onto the sterile field.
  • Remove Tyvek lid from the primary package.
  • Mix Trab-X SB™ Synthetic Bone Matrix with sterile physiological solution or with the patient’s blood.
  • Gently fill each defect to the highest level of bony defect. Do not overfill. Do not compress Trab-X SB™ Synthetic Bone Matrix will not set like cement.
  • After placement of Trab-X SB™ Synthetic Bone Matrix, ensure primary closure of the soft tissues over the graft site.


Trab-X SB Synthetic Bone Matrix is a resorbable bone void filler intended to fill bony void or gaps of the extremities, posterolateral spine, and pelvis that are caused by trauma or surgery and are not intrinsic to the stability of the bony structure.


  • Do not use in clinical situations where orthopedic surgery should not be performed.
  • Do not use in uncontrolled infection.
  • Do not use in patients with known allergy or hypersensitivity to material components.